The Guide to Millennial Giving

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This 35-page handbook provides an introduction to attracting millennial donors and supporters for your nonprofit. There are over 75 million millennials, and they are becoming a dominant force in philanthropy. They are also considered to be the most tech-savvy and globalized generation in history. Due to this, the same fundraising tactics and communications nonprofits have used for decades no longer work with millennials. Since most millennials are young adults, nurturing relationships with these donors can result in decades of support for your organization.

This handbook is ideal for nonprofit fundraising and marketing professionals, as well as executive directors.


What Will I Learn?

  • Who the millennials are and their communication preferences
  • How millennials engage with social impact and change initiatives
  • How to attract and create lasting relationships with millennials for long term support
  • How to mobilize millennials for peer-to-peer fundraising
  • How to create a millennial fundraising strategy

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The Guide to Millennial Giving

The Guide to Millennial Giving

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